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the Farthest Edge holds the greatest Magic!

Do you feel called to a life that is still within you?  Do you feel empowered to act on inspiration? Are you aware of the stories you tell yourself, and the beliefs that no longer feel true? What would it feel like to walk out on that far edge of your infinite Soul, to witness the mystery of yourself?

This is what your Natal Chart reveals ~

Let the magical journey of your life path unfold before you.

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Natal Chart Readings

A Natal, or Birth Chart is your personal fingerprint captured at the moment of birth. It’s based on the time, date, and location you were born, and the position of the planets in that moment. This chart is a unique and personal reflection of what is called your “natal promise” – your strengths, challenges, karma, relationships, work in the world – all of this and more can be seen in aspects of a natal chart. I teach you these aspects, and the story of your life that shows itself, within the chart.

You pick the personal reading of your choice: a basic one hour session to begin to understand your unique story, or a more thorough look at your chart using transits to track both the past and future planetary aspects.

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Ongoing Consultation Sessions

Once we understand your natal chart story, then it’s easy to keep yourself up to date on what’s happening in the sky and how these transits are affecting you personally.  I offer quick updates for returning clients who want to stay in spiritual alignment using classical timing techniques.  Zodiacal Releasing, Progressed Solar/Lunar phases, and Solar Return Charts are some of the advanced techniques I use.

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I have been a practitioner of this sacred language with Spirit for many years. Tarot is so useful for the person who is open to this connection, as an additional layer of guidance that is extremely accurate and gets to the heart of any unclear pathway.  We can utilize Tarot as a stand alone tool, or we can add on a Tarot spread to any of the Astrology sessions for further guidance.

“I was fortunate enough to receive two fantastic readings from Amy. Amy is a sensitive and intuitive astrologer, grounded by a deep knowledge of the craft. I was blown away by her accuracy and the way she could pinpoint exactly what was going on in my life. Our sessions have not only been insightful and helpful but also inspiring, leaving me enriched with a profound experience. Warmly recommended!”

– Michelle C.

Amy’s intuition and continual evolving knowledge of the stars and planets are incredible. Her ability to decipher what was going on at certain times of my life really blew me away. In complete honesty, I wasn’t totally convinced in astrology until my first session with Amy. She truly has been a blessing.

~Keenan M.

Let’s celebrate the stars together.