Solar Eclipse

on December 14th. a New Moon in Sagittarius formed…

Sagittarius is the energy of our beliefs and connection to a higher intelligence. This is no ordinary New Moon. New intentions, that will be seeds for this lunar cycle, come with a break, a conclusion, a release… this is a Solar Eclipse near the South Node. This brings endings. And so, we have a new chapter in our life that is opening up with an ending, first. There is a break away from old ways of thinking. Gemini and Sagittarius are on the axis of Knowledge — our belief systems, what we know and communicate, through the news and media and how we speak to each other.

Mercury is here, too, in the mix. Close to the Sun during this eclipse, so there is cause to break away from old thought patterns. Know that there is something New coming in… a collective purpose seen in Mercury’s role of messenger in our lives. How do we use Words as Power in our culture? How do we trust what we see and hear in the media? … this will unfold in the coming months into 2021 as we have three more eclipses along this axis. Be aware of how your mind and attitude is changing… welcome in this new cycle – it’s time for some fresh new ideas!

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