Full Moon in Cancer : Grandmother Whale

It is time for our Ancestors to Speak. For Us to Listen.

2020 was…

So different for everyone. Yet, this year connects us in a way we have not seen before. This Full Cancer Moon invites us to witness how much has changed for the collective; and concentrate this down to the essence of what has emerged with meaning for you? How can you now see yourself in Truth? Like floating in an isolation tank ~ a saltwater bath ~ or upon the ocean waves, rising and falling with the sets… can you feel your true self rising up? Let yourself embody what is Here for you to grow into, in this next phase of our journey forward. Because it’s going to be wild… especially the first couple of months in 2021… be ready to DO the thing you have learned about, grown into, and called up into your Mastery…

the archetype of Grandmother Whale is that of Emotional Maturity. We have been through difficult situations concerning our health and wellbeing, safety and security this year – all things tended to by Cancer energies. This full moon will shed a light upon these spaces once again. Pay attention to emotions ~ what comes up is a very important area in your life to focus on this week. We are empowered to Heal now. Look to your houses of Cancer and Capricorn to find those spaces of depth and wisdom in your life.

Sending much Love out!

XO Amy

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