This new Moon that just was… we are still held in these energies of the Sun and Pluto… and it’s taken me awhile to process what this means.

For now… where are we?

Even with the desire I have to speak about the energies of what came in with this lunation, I hesitate… It feels like these energies are very personal to each of us.  So, to honor what will surely be a unique January for you all, I will share something about myself.

It was a dream I had last March 1st – it was the anniversary of my mother’s passing 11 years ago.  The number 11 does not go unnoticed by me – it is a powerful master number of Nurture and Love – nor does the timing of this dream go unnoticed, as what was about to happen in our world was to alter our human history.  This last year has surely been one of the greatest change agents of our time; one that (I hope and hold) will bring about the necessary evolution of our humanity into more Nurturing and Balancing of Yin and Yang archetypal power than we have seen in our lifetime.  

I dreamt of a great assembly of people, on a dark grey beach, overlooking what was to be an event of unknown magnitude – an oceanic event, and we were gathered there to witness the sky and the seismic waves unleash their power.  We were to be protected through this, though no one knew that at the time.  I was full of anxious anticipation, while everyone around me was full of excitement.  I had a feeling that we should be cautious and humble in our approach to this event – that we should treat it with honor and respect. In this feeling, though, I felt alone – the general atmosphere was much like a party. 

There was a metal and glass tower constructed to withstand the force of the waves, and this was where we were to watch… I was guided to my room at the very top with only glass to shield me and protect me.  As I was being ushered up the spiral staircase, I passed by a sleeping girl, who was in a sort of death pose with a glowing golden light around her.  I felt very protective of her, especially, though I knew that she was safe. 

After much anxiety and heading back downstairs to purchase a flashlight and check on the sleeping girl (a lot of dreamtime spent wasting time being worried!)… I finally settled into a meditative state of calm, in my glass room at the top of the tower.  It was only when I relaxed that I was able to see outside.  And what I saw was mind blowing.  

I saw the black and grey ocean.  Waves cresting toward the sky – equally monochromatic with light emanating from behind the storm clouds.  The water was a chaos of energy – rolling and rocking and gigantic, unbelievable waves.  It was unreal. Ethereal. And beautiful.  Then Saturn appeared – huge, like only dream things can be.  Saturn had a presence – a spirit – and he was offering me protection and assurance with the understanding that a higher purpose was unfolding through the storm.  The Tower was meant to act as a shield, yes … constructed by unseen hands to withstand the egregious power of nature’s force. 

I was told that trust in this was essential to letting things happen the way they were meant to happen.  That all the worrying I was doing wasn’t what I was supposed to do with this experience we were given. Only thinking about Surviving was NOT It – I had to embrace what was happening and surrender to it.   So, too, were we not supposed to take it lightly and use it as a chance to give in to superficial and old ways. 

We were to simply let it happen, take it In, witness the Power and Force of the Divine in our Natural World on Earth and Be in Awe and gratitude for bearing witness to such a phenomenal event.  

To understand that there was a greater reason for this happening… one that I had only a slight understanding of when the dream was over. This is what is coming back IN for me, during this week of the “eye of the storm.”  

There is more action coming in these next couple of weeks until we reach the full realization on the Full Moon.  Until then… I will take Saturn advice and surrender my fears.  My moon is in Sag, so I really have no choice but to seek the higher ground.  I will be here for you through it all, my friends, to share these dreams and messages that come through.

Trust.  Release fear.  Honor the darkness.  Respect the power of Nature. Stay Centered and Calm. … and Look Up ↑…

Til next time, be well.



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