Balsamic Moon in Aquarius

3 of Swords from the Legacy of the Divine Tarot by Ciro Marchetti

For Healing to occur, sometimes, we must face the pain.

Sometimes, sitting with the dark is more soothing to our soul, than being in the light.

Light energy is active and action oriented, focused and intentional.

Shadows are receptive and allow us to sink into a vital bath of nourishing waters.

It’s ok to sit with the dark.  You are safe there.

The changes that are happening now are in such an external experience of what we have thus encountered that our minds can quickly become overwhelmed…and trying to make sense with knowledge at hand isn’t always… Truth.

The darkness is interdimensional.  We can access information here….if that is what our soul is calling for. 

This is a New Moon in an Aquarius Stellium. 

The Moon has just passed over Saturn, as I write this, and will soon be passing over Venus, Jupiter, Mercury over the next 24 hours.

Translating the Light…while in the Darkest part of the Lunar Cycle … this is the Balsamic Phase.  Where perceptions are heightened and we gain the most insight from sitting in the darkness…courageously and comfortably.  The New Moon energy tomorrow, will expand our thinking toward the outer reaches of our minds.

For now, though, I will sit here, as a guardian of the Light, at this moment of darkness.  How do the Omens speak, as I hear them?

Saturn is impelling us to Stay Worthy of our Karma. The actions we take in the world have direct reactions in turn.  A Critical Mass is being reached, and will soon break out into our physical world. The active square between Saturn and Uranus is building this critical mass, and we may have something of a breakthrough next week; but don’t be too hurried to see that happen before you allow yourself to go into the work Saturn is expecting. We are maturing, leveling up, upgrading our systems now. 

Venus.  She is soon to meet Jupiter for another cycle of their own.  Venus and Jupiter the harbingers of gifts, sight, optimism, truth, value, showing that we are, in fact, Worthy.  Please accept the gifts of these two benefics on this New Moon that are emerging in our morning sky ~ they will light our way on the path of HOPE.

And Mercury… our messenger Hermes who has just passed through the heart of the Sun… to join the Benefic team as he passes by in Retrograde… we have not gotten the clear picture YET.  More processing, review, revising, reOrienting ourselves in this New Moon…it will take Time to see what vision is being seeded now… so hold here… Listen…let yourself imagine possibilities… feel the movements of the stars as they activate our Imaginal Cells…

More again, soon… sending Love.

xoxo Amy

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