Saturn Square Uranus

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This post is coming to you straight from outer space, thanks to a Mercury/Jupiter conjunction where you can choose to either zoom way in, or step way back and take in the Big Picture. I choose Both Views for feeling the square that is coming into perfection, now. It’s 11:31 am, mountain time in Arizona, and this square is exact at 12:08 pm. First, I’d like to step back, to see what a square in the sky is really all about — a 90 degree geometric angle forming between Saturn and Uranus, from the Earth’s perspective. What is a square? and how does this shape affect us, down here on Earth?

The square’s energy is one of tension… consider two people walking down a city block, one coming from the East and one person coming from the South. As it happens in the circumstance of our waking life, there are times when we run into an energy that is In Contrast to ourselves. This is like these two people running into each other at the intersection – and what “action” must take place between them. So let’s look at these two planets, as our characters walking toward each other and let’s analyze what kind of conflict and action may ensue upon their meeting.

Saturn is the Ancient Boundary in the sky between what was seen and known; and what was unseen and unknown. This is archetypal energy of Limitation, Structures, Form, and Substance in the physical construct of our human understanding. Saturn may cause restriction and isolation, due to this limit. So we have built a solid framework of understanding in our physical world. Now… Uranus is an outlier – a disruption to what was formerly known, and subsequently, dismantles the status quo. the Maverick. The electrified disruptor. It rotates on it’s side! … So… How do this two characters, coming into contact by a challenging square, act upon the collective field? To further understand this, we look at the Signs through which their energies are moving.

Saturn in Aquarius. the ancient ruler. What came into form in Capricorn, now comes out into our human field of consciousness in Aquarius, fixed Air. We think in this higher form. We plan, strategize, organize society into groups, communities, we form Boards and place those in charge who want to Lead. In a healthy society, based on equal rights and voices and opinions and beliefs, we are then advised to Challenge those in this position of Authority. Value is placed on what best serves all – the collective and the individual. We Question the previously built structures and those who served to constrict through convention and strict ideology … Those beliefs which only seek to limit freedom of the whole, for the benefit of the few and the privileged… this is the Growth Edge of Saturn’s boundaries … the beyond… our future generations.

Contrast this Saturnian Archetypal energy with that of Uranus in Taurus. Taurus, by its very nature, is fixed Earth energy – difficult to change, stubborn, desiring comfort, security, routine; as well as the impetus for Growth and Abundance since there is Earth beneath what has been planted here – these seeds have a chance to take root in fertile soil. When I think about Uranus in Taurus, and what kinds of excitable energies we are getting through this stable sort of fecundity – this primal, sensual state – I think of the root systems of Trees. Trees can communicate through an intricate web of fungus below the surface of the earth. They share nutrients through this network and also warn of dangers. You see, the Uranus Energy does not automatically align with fixed Earth – Uranus is movement, and Taurus is static, so … how does this manifest? Many people who study the stars, have described Uranus like a bomb going off in the ground – ok. I can see this … But in the frame of mind of Seeing the Big Picture – haha, where I began this whole thread of thought! — I would ask for you to consider this unique perspective of Uranus being the underground messages we are getting from the outer realm, within the very marrow of our bones! Let this thought blow your mind a little. Dreams? have you been having some bizarre ones? I have. In light of the concept of these two contrasting energies – Saturn and Uranus – the words forming within my own meditative mind are : Instincts and Change…. Instinctual Change — like the trees are calling for the leaves to begin producing a chemical that will ward off chewing insects — we humans are getting messages from tuning in, from feelings and intuitions, from a sense of KNOWING that may not be easily explained … but can absolutely be trusted.

We are being challenged to move away from routines and habits and patterns of beliefs that are limiting our ability to Change. This square is working with us to affect these changes – small, perhaps sometimes indecipherable, changes that begin to emerge as a whole new, healthy, structure that grows out of this web of Fertile Earth. Let us take in these messages, let us allow these changes to come to the surface of our minds so that we can begin to, as Gandhi said, “Be the Change we want to see in the World.”

the square is Here. Now … what are you gonna do about it? 😀 sending Love and Warmth.

xoxo Amy

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