27 degrees of Air

Photo by Snapwire on Pexels.com

The question that is looming in my head at the moment :

Do we Fear Wholeness?

Is there such a need, rising from an ancient wound, to always be in pain of separation?  Who ever told us that we were separated from creation? From ourselves? From each other? 

I’ve been brought Back to rediscover this pathway that I was finding in the messages I was getting during the eclipses of last summer. messages about healing the Sacral Wound.  It’s coming back. It’s energy is emerging with the swell of Scorpionic Water. We may feel this sense of nostalgia.  Memories from before coming in, flowing in for healing, for remembering… So much remembering! from long ago.


Our blood is changing


And in this flux we feel

The churn of change

The wheels turn

The pull of atoms toward their center

Like the winding of an old wristwatch

We reset

In time

To remember

When did our memories forget

The wholeness

The wonder of connection

To other

Why such fear

To see ourselves in 


Have you never sat in stillness

In nature

And listened to the trees


The birds watch.

The animals 

They creep near

To the heartbeat

Within you

They hear your fear

So they scatter

Like the wind in the trees

Scatter the leaves

There is a message here

Still yourself

Feel your rhythm 


Your breath

Comes as waves

No need to think

Just allow

Be Whole

Be the One Your soul remembers


We are lightworkers.  Working in the dark.  We keep our lights lit, through this time of uncertainty.  This is not easy, this is a challenge, but one in which we are set up to succeed.   

What we are creating within this time of darkness has yet to culminate because we are still In it!  We may not see the full manifestation of our work now for some time — but we must keep working, keep trusting that the arrows we let loose Now, will find their target at the right moment … the moment of full bloom.

So Shall it Be.✨

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