The Revelation of Aquarius Season

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We are scaling the Wall.  Tonight (as I write this) we leap over and fly into the Cosmos.  Get in your time capsule, and say Goodbye to Earth, for a while as we collectively Trip the Light of Aquarius. 

A few facts:

Aquarius is FIXED AIR. Ruled by Saturn – Saturn as the boundary between what we SEE in Capricorn and what we enVision in Aquarius. The symbol of Aquarius is the Water Bearer – pouring the waters of Reason into the atmosphere.  The air, here, is less about dialogue and more about ideas. Aquarius is the great unknown – the imagination – our collective forward thinking.  Herein lies the Saturnian structure in thinking outside the boundaries of Convention… interested in ideas, yet still fixed by way of thoughts about:  planning, systems, technology, and society. These ideas may revolve around – 

Humanity vs. Individuality

Possibility vs. Reality

Unity vs. Division

There is a stubborn resistance to Authority, invoking the desire to  live outside the boundaries of society and just Observe.  Here we call in the Witness. Make notes, detach, take the Nameless and give it a Name – convert it into the Known with symbols, words, and definitions. 

We will discover something New this time around, I just Know it! 🙂 

Some key dates for Aquarius Season in January :

Jan. 23  Mercury Cazimi, in the Heart of the Sun – while during a Mercury Rx, Mercury moves in front of the Sun and we may glean some very important insight into what it is we are reviewing and how to think of something in a new way – an Epiphany of sorts. During retrogrades, planets are closer to Earth – do we feel them stronger? Messages may come as downloads – listen.

Jan.24  Mars moves into Capricorn where he is Exalted, as if the Warrior is given a Chariot to ride in – within the energy of Capricorn, our actions, assertiveness, and willpower all have a resource that is extra special in Cardinal Earth.  We will begin to get our engines running.  This Mars ingress may intensify the Venus Rx for some of us.

Jan. 25  Mercury Rx moves back into Capricorn, then the next day, trines the newly shifted North Node in Taurus. Trines are flowin, easy energy and the North Node shows us what is coming in for our Collective and Individual Evolution. Watch what is coming into your thoughts, at this time.

Jan. 28  in the evening, Mercury Rx makes its 2nd conjunction with Pluto. The first time was Dec 29, when Venus was there too – there is some Powerful mental energy of transformation going on here – pay attention to dreams, conversations, media, and your own private thoughts for some deep awareness around why you’re thinking certain thoughts, why we are being told some untruths, and be ready for some illumination of truth when Mercury meets Pluto, for the last time, while direct (Feb 11).

Jan. 29  VENUS stations direct!  What a long, slow, dark night it’s been. Going deep within to find our buried treasures –  Relationship issues, working out our self worth, and what do we find valuable NOW after she returns to forward motion?  

Venus has quite a journey still ahead of her – a romantic rendezvous with Mars on Feb 14th (lasting a few weeks!)and becoming enclosed between Mars and Saturn – a tight squeeze of the Malefics from March 6th until the 28th. This could feel pretty tight for some of us – it’s in Aquarius, so Earthing will help, getting grounded, walking in Nature, cooking, sitting on the ground, walking barefoot – things like this.  After her bout in the ring, standing up for herself, she gracefully enters her Exaltation in Pisces for some camaraderie with Jupiter and Neptune in a Pisces dream …. She has quite some time, still, before she enters her Domain in Taurus on May 28th, when she steps into her Power as the Empress, shining bright as a Morning star.  What a Venusian trip this has been! The Feminine is Maturing, Evolving, Rising.

There is much More coming in this Aquarian time of Consciousness – but too much information right now, may be the very opposite of what Saturn in this Cosmic Space is trying to show us…. Concentrate now.  Integrate what we don’t know yet, into what IS…

More later –

much Love,


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