February out of the Box

Photo by Ivan Bertolazzi on Pexels.com

We begin the February Aquarius season with a New Moon in Aquarius.

The Sun and Moon are close to Saturn, Mercury is at 24 degrees Capricorn, crawling to it’s station at the same degree on February 4th, while Venus, too has not yet moved off of her station degree of 11 Capricorn. Venus is shining her bright self in the morning sky and Mars is edging close to her, yet just a dim red point next to Venus’ dazzling brilliance.

What this all tells me is that we are in a slow moving and a bit off beat energy. The Sun in Aquarius is far away from it’s home in Leo – the air out here, with Saturn can feel aloof, cold, and cosmic. Among many other characteristics of the Aquarian energy, is the very unique, individualistic nature. With the Sun close to a new synodic cycle with Saturn, this New Moon brings with it, an out of the ordinary, out of the box beginning. What new ways of being in the world are you thinking about? With the seeds of Saturn sown into the fabric of this Cosmic Air, we cannot help but return to last year’s Saturn/ Uranus square. What forms of unhinged discipline did you discover you had within? Discipline holds us within a certain boundary – and Uranus, by it’s nature seeks to disrupt the status quo and break through boundaries… so how are you seeing the way forward … in maturity…. in your autonomy, because yes Saturn may gift us our credentials according to work we have done… but also in breaking the barriers that have held you restrained? Perhaps it is time we bust down our walls and push through these old limitations? Where in your life have you felt and seen this happening? I believe this New Moon gives us a glimpse into the next 6 months of Owning our Authority in some aspect of life where we may have previously felt inhibited. To receive Saturn’s blessings, we must do the work of our Life – look to where you have Saturn in your chart, and there you will find the lesson’s you are here to master in this lifetime.

On February 4th, Mercury stations direct, finally! Was this a very long Mercury retrograde, or was it just me? I’m worn out, I must admit, with Mercury as my chart ruler, so I’m happily looking forward to this station! And at this point, all planets are direct! it may take some time, but we will start to feel forward motion… Mercury has one more Conjunction with Pluto on the 11th : what secrets are being shown to us from the dark Under Lord, Pluto? there may be some reveals around this day.

Also on the 4th, the Sun conjuncts Saturn – this is the annual beginning of a new Sun/Saturn cycle in our lives – where do you have Aquarius, what house determines what area of life this new start shows up. Think about the aspect of transiting Saturn to your natal Saturn. Themes of this Sun/Saturn conjunction are those I mentioned of responsibility, maturity, authority, but also coldness, detachment, the line you’ve drawn in the sand being set on fire, uncomfortable, and lit up; so … perhaps… as this conjunction begins to separate, we may be presented with the chance to form new boundaries, in a healthier way that better serves our purpose.

There is a sextile between Mars and Jupiter, on this same day, so the structures that are dissolving and being built again get a helping hand from the greater benefic – a strong foundation that feels right this time.

Feb 8th : Mars trines Uranus – this energy feels like a win for team Change. Productivity rises.

Feb 11 : Mercury’s 3rd conjunction with Pluto – watch for revelations of a Plutonian nature. Destruction/Creation. Death/Rebirth. Shadow sides of the Media and those appearing on the news. Transformation, the “coming to light” of some force of darkness that has evolved because of the journey through the dark night – a Paradox : the dark within the light and the light within the dark. Here, Hermes brings these topics to our awareness.

Feb 14th : Mercury back into Aquarius, with this message from the underworld about how we are evolving.

Feb 15th + 16th : Venus and Mars are coming together for a three week long dance in Capricorn, then Aquarius. This connection lasts an unusually long time, and adds to the peculiar feels of the season. Venus usually moves faster than Mars, but in this unique time, Mars is able to “overcome” Venus due to her slow speed out of retrograde. On the 16th, Venus and Mars meet, then as the month continues, the lovers dance in front of and behind each other as if they are speaking a language only they can understand, dancing to a song only they can hear.

Once we get into March, Venus takes her lead and marches ahead of Mars, but for now, try to feel the connection of Yin and Yang within your mind – how are you feeling receptive and allowing yourself to respond; or how do you feel active and having the need to react? This is a good time to feel their differences, especially as they move together into Aquarius on March 6th at the same degree as last years Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter on Zero degrees Aqua.

Also on these days, the Sun is crossing the nodes – squaring them, and bending toward the North Node in Taurus at 27 degrees. This feels fateful as the Full Moon in Leo comes the next day on the 16th, ruled by this challenged Sun. Here is the illumination of where we have been as a collective, and where we are going – this calls in the Aug 8th Lion’s Gate portal from 2021, the New Moon in Leo, that laid a path before us, if we so chose to walk it – into our higher selves, to redesign or to modify how we perceive ourselves and how we show ourselves to the world. How far have you come since last August? This Full Moon in Leo may reignite our passions for change in new forms, new hope, new friends and work places – is there freedom here? What shifts do you need to make to feel the expression of your true self. Watch for the heightened emotions of those around you that are not aware of these astrological energies. You can be a beacon of light for those you love.

Feb 17th : Jupiter makes a sextile to Uranus. Nice day to be alert to new opportunities, especially revolving around around Pisces themes of dreams and spiritual awareness and connection.

Feb 18th : the Sun moves into Pisces! – with Jupiter and Neptune, as we move steadily toward their conjunction in April. This feels like a great big wave of optimism coming in… leaving behind the Saturn spaces for now and moving into the realm of Jupiter!…so Begins Pisces Season.

Til then, my friends, may you go peacefully forward, with love in your heart, on your path of freedom.

Letting go gives us freedom, and freedom is the only condition for happiness. If, in our heart, we still cling to anything – anger, anxiety, or possessions – we cannot be free.” 

Thich Nhat Hanh (may you rest in peace)

xoxo, Amy


  1. Venus and Mars dancing to a song only they can hear… I love that! I’m curious as to what their conjunction will bring… Thank you for this thorough and brilliant forecast!


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