About me

Hello, I’m Amy and I am so happy to welcome you fellow seekers into my world of Astrology!   I’m here to offer you insights into this magical realm of the stars, the language of the Planets, and how their patterns speak and reflect our own experience on Earth.  

I have been on this journey of self discovery since I was young. It took a lot of life to realize and trust my inner truth. When I began to really dig into this ancient language – to see how patterns were showing up in my own life and those around me – it was then, that so much sense of my purpose fell into place.  

I am an eternal student of the stars. I have been in a deep study of Ancient Astrology for years ~ taught from classical texts through the modern teachers of our time.  I feel there is no end to what we can learn about our humanity interwoven in our soul’s path; and so I am committed to helping you discover your own relationship to a similar sense of purpose. One grounded in centuries of mystical teachings that have transcended time… this knowledge is timeless. 

I believe in the power of our own individual stories – unlocked in a natal birth chart – where you can begin to see your soul’s path emerge.  I invite you to sit with me, share your stories, and let’s walk through them together.   I am trained to see the patterns unfold, to know where karma is speaking to you – and where your greatest teachers are in your personal planets, how you can see your strengths and challenges as stepping stones toward personal power.  I would love to share this knowledge with you; and teach you how you can use your birth chart as a navigational weather map to help you step with confidence on your path.