February out of the Box

We begin the February Aquarius season with a New Moon in Aquarius. The Sun and Moon are close to Saturn, Mercury is at 24 degrees Capricorn, crawling to it’s station at the same degree on February 4th, while Venus, too has not yet moved off of her station degree of 11 Capricorn. Venus is shining […]

The Revelation of Aquarius Season

We are scaling the Wall.  Tonight (as I write this) we leap over and fly into the Cosmos.  Get in your time capsule, and say Goodbye to Earth, for a while as we collectively Trip the Light of Aquarius.  A few facts: Aquarius is FIXED AIR. Ruled by Saturn – Saturn as the boundary between […]

the Art of Fixed Water

To those who have been called to face their deepest transmutation in this Fixed Water Lunar Cycle of Scorpio, this is to You. As I have told, I have come to understand the darkness, in my own self, but that was after much digging and learning and allowing the messages to come up.  I felt, […]

27 degrees of Air

The question that is looming in my head at the moment : Do we Fear Wholeness? Is there such a need, rising from an ancient wound, to always be in pain of separation?  Who ever told us that we were separated from creation? From ourselves? From each other?  I’ve been brought Back to rediscover this […]

Sun square Pluto

I have seen the darkness, walked in it, soaked my spirit in the shadows… Here in the silence, it feels safe.  Pluto reveals what is Palpable, even if it is frightening when seen in the light. Born in the late morning, the Sun in my 10th house squares Pluto in my first… yes, this aspect […]

an Eclipse of the Moon

Transmission from the Gemini Sun. Sagittarius Moon.  It has been a long road,  this journey…to an unknown destination…led by our instincts You have been asked to be unrelenting in your strength, as a Warrior, alone and wounded, yet still you stand and face the distant future. The world spins The future is Here The forces […]

New Moon, New Cycle

It has been two moons since I have written here, in this space… I have been in a state of integrating these new energies and – no kidding – it hasn’t been easy. How have you been since we last dwelled together, here? It was the first square of Saturn and Uranus, in February… what […]

Saturn Square Uranus

This post is coming to you straight from outer space, thanks to a Mercury/Jupiter conjunction where you can choose to either zoom way in, or step way back and take in the Big Picture. I choose Both Views for feeling the square that is coming into perfection, now. It’s 11:31 am, mountain time in Arizona, […]

Balsamic Moon in Aquarius

For Healing to occur, sometimes, we must face the pain. Sometimes, sitting with the dark is more soothing to our soul, than being in the light. Light energy is active and action oriented, focused and intentional. Shadows are receptive and allow us to sink into a vital bath of nourishing waters. It’s ok to sit […]

the Leo Full Moon

During this Full Moon, the Sun is Conjoining Jupiter in Aquarius.  On a purely mundane level, this aspect would bring in a much needed optimistic outlook into our lives – focusing our sights on unique group activities within the big picture.  An immersion into the Aquarius Experience.   However, the Sun/Jupiter conjunction is also in […]


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