February out of the Box

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We begin the February Aquarius season with a New Moon in Aquarius.

The Sun and Moon are close to Saturn, Mercury is at 24 degrees Capricorn, crawling to it’s station at the same degree on February 4th, while Venus, too has not yet moved off of her station degree of 11 Capricorn. Venus is shining her bright self in the morning sky and Mars is edging close to her, yet just a dim red point next to Venus’ dazzling brilliance.

What this all tells me is that we are in a slow moving and a bit off beat energy. The Sun in Aquarius is far away from it’s home in Leo – the air out here, with Saturn can feel aloof, cold, and cosmic. Among many other characteristics of the Aquarian energy, is the very unique, individualistic nature. With the Sun close to a new synodic cycle with Saturn, this New Moon brings with it, an out of the ordinary, out of the box beginning. What new ways of being in the world are you thinking about? With the seeds of Saturn sown into the fabric of this Cosmic Air, we cannot help but return to last year’s Saturn/ Uranus square. What forms of unhinged discipline did you discover you had within? Discipline holds us within a certain boundary – and Uranus, by it’s nature seeks to disrupt the status quo and break through boundaries… so how are you seeing the way forward … in maturity…. in your autonomy, because yes Saturn may gift us our credentials according to work we have done… but also in breaking the barriers that have held you restrained? Perhaps it is time we bust down our walls and push through these old limitations? Where in your life have you felt and seen this happening? I believe this New Moon gives us a glimpse into the next 6 months of Owning our Authority in some aspect of life where we may have previously felt inhibited. To receive Saturn’s blessings, we must do the work of our Life – look to where you have Saturn in your chart, and there you will find the lesson’s you are here to master in this lifetime.

On February 4th, Mercury stations direct, finally! Was this a very long Mercury retrograde, or was it just me? I’m worn out, I must admit, with Mercury as my chart ruler, so I’m happily looking forward to this station! And at this point, all planets are direct! it may take some time, but we will start to feel forward motion… Mercury has one more Conjunction with Pluto on the 11th : what secrets are being shown to us from the dark Under Lord, Pluto? there may be some reveals around this day.

Also on the 4th, the Sun conjuncts Saturn – this is the annual beginning of a new Sun/Saturn cycle in our lives – where do you have Aquarius, what house determines what area of life this new start shows up. Think about the aspect of transiting Saturn to your natal Saturn. Themes of this Sun/Saturn conjunction are those I mentioned of responsibility, maturity, authority, but also coldness, detachment, the line you’ve drawn in the sand being set on fire, uncomfortable, and lit up; so … perhaps… as this conjunction begins to separate, we may be presented with the chance to form new boundaries, in a healthier way that better serves our purpose.

There is a sextile between Mars and Jupiter, on this same day, so the structures that are dissolving and being built again get a helping hand from the greater benefic – a strong foundation that feels right this time.

Feb 8th : Mars trines Uranus – this energy feels like a win for team Change. Productivity rises.

Feb 11 : Mercury’s 3rd conjunction with Pluto – watch for revelations of a Plutonian nature. Destruction/Creation. Death/Rebirth. Shadow sides of the Media and those appearing on the news. Transformation, the “coming to light” of some force of darkness that has evolved because of the journey through the dark night – a Paradox : the dark within the light and the light within the dark. Here, Hermes brings these topics to our awareness.

Feb 14th : Mercury back into Aquarius, with this message from the underworld about how we are evolving.

Feb 15th + 16th : Venus and Mars are coming together for a three week long dance in Capricorn, then Aquarius. This connection lasts an unusually long time, and adds to the peculiar feels of the season. Venus usually moves faster than Mars, but in this unique time, Mars is able to “overcome” Venus due to her slow speed out of retrograde. On the 16th, Venus and Mars meet, then as the month continues, the lovers dance in front of and behind each other as if they are speaking a language only they can understand, dancing to a song only they can hear.

Once we get into March, Venus takes her lead and marches ahead of Mars, but for now, try to feel the connection of Yin and Yang within your mind – how are you feeling receptive and allowing yourself to respond; or how do you feel active and having the need to react? This is a good time to feel their differences, especially as they move together into Aquarius on March 6th at the same degree as last years Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter on Zero degrees Aqua.

Also on these days, the Sun is crossing the nodes – squaring them, and bending toward the North Node in Taurus at 27 degrees. This feels fateful as the Full Moon in Leo comes the next day on the 16th, ruled by this challenged Sun. Here is the illumination of where we have been as a collective, and where we are going – this calls in the Aug 8th Lion’s Gate portal from 2021, the New Moon in Leo, that laid a path before us, if we so chose to walk it – into our higher selves, to redesign or to modify how we perceive ourselves and how we show ourselves to the world. How far have you come since last August? This Full Moon in Leo may reignite our passions for change in new forms, new hope, new friends and work places – is there freedom here? What shifts do you need to make to feel the expression of your true self. Watch for the heightened emotions of those around you that are not aware of these astrological energies. You can be a beacon of light for those you love.

Feb 17th : Jupiter makes a sextile to Uranus. Nice day to be alert to new opportunities, especially revolving around around Pisces themes of dreams and spiritual awareness and connection.

Feb 18th : the Sun moves into Pisces! – with Jupiter and Neptune, as we move steadily toward their conjunction in April. This feels like a great big wave of optimism coming in… leaving behind the Saturn spaces for now and moving into the realm of Jupiter!…so Begins Pisces Season.

Til then, my friends, may you go peacefully forward, with love in your heart, on your path of freedom.

Letting go gives us freedom, and freedom is the only condition for happiness. If, in our heart, we still cling to anything – anger, anxiety, or possessions – we cannot be free.” 

Thich Nhat Hanh (may you rest in peace)

xoxo, Amy

The Revelation of Aquarius Season

Photo by Soly Moses on Pexels.com

We are scaling the Wall.  Tonight (as I write this) we leap over and fly into the Cosmos.  Get in your time capsule, and say Goodbye to Earth, for a while as we collectively Trip the Light of Aquarius. 

A few facts:

Aquarius is FIXED AIR. Ruled by Saturn – Saturn as the boundary between what we SEE in Capricorn and what we enVision in Aquarius. The symbol of Aquarius is the Water Bearer – pouring the waters of Reason into the atmosphere.  The air, here, is less about dialogue and more about ideas. Aquarius is the great unknown – the imagination – our collective forward thinking.  Herein lies the Saturnian structure in thinking outside the boundaries of Convention… interested in ideas, yet still fixed by way of thoughts about:  planning, systems, technology, and society. These ideas may revolve around – 

Humanity vs. Individuality

Possibility vs. Reality

Unity vs. Division

There is a stubborn resistance to Authority, invoking the desire to  live outside the boundaries of society and just Observe.  Here we call in the Witness. Make notes, detach, take the Nameless and give it a Name – convert it into the Known with symbols, words, and definitions. 

We will discover something New this time around, I just Know it! 🙂 

Some key dates for Aquarius Season in January :

Jan. 23  Mercury Cazimi, in the Heart of the Sun – while during a Mercury Rx, Mercury moves in front of the Sun and we may glean some very important insight into what it is we are reviewing and how to think of something in a new way – an Epiphany of sorts. During retrogrades, planets are closer to Earth – do we feel them stronger? Messages may come as downloads – listen.

Jan.24  Mars moves into Capricorn where he is Exalted, as if the Warrior is given a Chariot to ride in – within the energy of Capricorn, our actions, assertiveness, and willpower all have a resource that is extra special in Cardinal Earth.  We will begin to get our engines running.  This Mars ingress may intensify the Venus Rx for some of us.

Jan. 25  Mercury Rx moves back into Capricorn, then the next day, trines the newly shifted North Node in Taurus. Trines are flowin, easy energy and the North Node shows us what is coming in for our Collective and Individual Evolution. Watch what is coming into your thoughts, at this time.

Jan. 28  in the evening, Mercury Rx makes its 2nd conjunction with Pluto. The first time was Dec 29, when Venus was there too – there is some Powerful mental energy of transformation going on here – pay attention to dreams, conversations, media, and your own private thoughts for some deep awareness around why you’re thinking certain thoughts, why we are being told some untruths, and be ready for some illumination of truth when Mercury meets Pluto, for the last time, while direct (Feb 11).

Jan. 29  VENUS stations direct!  What a long, slow, dark night it’s been. Going deep within to find our buried treasures –  Relationship issues, working out our self worth, and what do we find valuable NOW after she returns to forward motion?  

Venus has quite a journey still ahead of her – a romantic rendezvous with Mars on Feb 14th (lasting a few weeks!)and becoming enclosed between Mars and Saturn – a tight squeeze of the Malefics from March 6th until the 28th. This could feel pretty tight for some of us – it’s in Aquarius, so Earthing will help, getting grounded, walking in Nature, cooking, sitting on the ground, walking barefoot – things like this.  After her bout in the ring, standing up for herself, she gracefully enters her Exaltation in Pisces for some camaraderie with Jupiter and Neptune in a Pisces dream …. She has quite some time, still, before she enters her Domain in Taurus on May 28th, when she steps into her Power as the Empress, shining bright as a Morning star.  What a Venusian trip this has been! The Feminine is Maturing, Evolving, Rising.

There is much More coming in this Aquarian time of Consciousness – but too much information right now, may be the very opposite of what Saturn in this Cosmic Space is trying to show us…. Concentrate now.  Integrate what we don’t know yet, into what IS…

More later –

much Love,


the Art of Fixed Water

card from the Wild Kuan Yin Oracle, by Alana Fairchild

To those who have been called to face their deepest transmutation in this Fixed Water Lunar Cycle of Scorpio,

this is to You.

As I have told, I have come to understand the darkness, in my own self, but that was after much digging and learning and allowing the messages to come up.  I felt, at the time, that there was no other choice I had but to face the darkness and accept it as part of me.  This Darkness may be called our “shadow” in some respects, and – simply put – it is just a part of us that wasn’t considered appropriate for the culture we grew up in, and so we put it in a deep place of shame within us. We may have locked this part of us up tight, but that doesn’t mean it goes away.  And there is not one person who hasn’t had to meet their shadow.   

We call it many different names these days, but in so many descriptions, our shadow is demonized as still something to overcome.    But what if you were able to see it in a different way – that this painful part of you was just hurting from being shut away?  And when you feel the pain of it – when you get triggered – that is when it comes out. 

What if… you allowed it to come out without any stipulations on how it had to act?  Like if you felt like screaming because you were sincerely angry AF about something that you have always told yourself you had to be in order to be Good or Successful or Healthy? 

So …. let yourself scream until you have no more scream left. Exhaust the anger for the time being. Let yourself cry until your tear ducts are empty. Go out and run; dance to loud music; kick the air; punch a pillow — anything that allows the shut-away part of you Out in the open.

Then, Witness – that which caused the anger or fear or pain or shame … really, truly look with non-judgmental eyes – look with your heart, let yourself Feel, and let this huge emotion move through you. Stay objective and detached from any judgements. Then relax into your memories, allow another memory to emerge, earlier in your life – when you felt this same emotion; then back and back until you find you are close to the initial time – the event – that created the wound in you… it was probably when you were a child … and you were shown by the people around you that it wasn’t OK to feel what you were feeling. 

There is no blame here. They didn’t know either.

Now, there may be some intense and big emotions that come up with this kind of work – but it’s important to stay in a place of objectivity and love for yourself – like you would treat a friend who was talking to you with such vulnerability.  And then, when you are finished allowing that part of you to express whatever emotion comes, without resistance – you can begin to offer yourself Empathy.   Ask that tender part of you, what you needed at the time of the initial event – did you need someone to come in and comfort you?  Do you feel better offering your own inner self the comfort?   In this way, you give your inner shadow Validation and Respect.  We all want to be Seen and Heard, your inner pain is no different.  See it.  Hear it out.  Don’t condemn it.  Allow it to have its time in the light.  Then you can say to yourself that you are sorry you had to go through that situation in life – and you comfort yourself as if you were comforting a child.   

It is a process of opening, being tender enough to allow whatever comes up – and it’s not easy – but you can do it.  And once you do it the first time, you can go back to that memory or that feeling again, and it gets easier to feel integration take place.  But remember it is a process; it won’t happen overnight, and you have to make a commitment to yourself to be kind and loving – no self shaming and no blaming others.  The more you can open up to that darkness with love, the more Whole you will feel – you won’t feel like there’s a part of you to fear that is separate from the truth of you.. does this make sense?

As for your desire to dwell only in the light —  well, as far as I can see, there is no light without darkness.  and there is no darkness without light. There is a continuum that runs between two energies in apparent opposition. Meaning, they are on the same plane of existence – they would have to be, otherwise one of them wouldn’t exist.   For instance, How do you know when an emotion is heavy?  because you have felt the lightness of fun and laughter, right?…   How do you know when you are in a dark room?  because you can’t see what you can see in the light – does that mean that light doesn’t exist?  no of course not. I see the two sides of this axis are two parts of the same whole.  

So if you feel this heaviness is a useless burden… please, try to understand the truth of all emotion – even the heavy, dark emotion. See that you have a unique kind of Lightness …and this Lightness, this beautiful, authentic truth of You, that has known pain and known darkness … your lightness EXISTS because of your heaviness.  They cohabitate. They are symbiotic.  They create the melody and the harmony and the … what’s that other thread that gives your audience some excitement?   What if you didn’t have that thing in music to bring all the layers of Story to the piece?  How would it feel to listen to only a light and happy melody —  it would feel flat, right?  like there was something missing.

I have not gotten to this place easily — and I don’t take this lightly… but I honor the journey.  And it’s all about the journey.  There IS no destination. Life is about our human experiences, and how we grow and how we live and love and laugh and cry and feel sadness … and how we are able to get to a place of Unconditional Love for the loneliest, darkest parts of ourselves. These spaces usually hold the richest experiences of all.  In accepting the whole spectrum of each part of you, you offer yourself the inner truth that YOU ARE ALREADY WHOLE. 

You ARE You.  you don’t need to be “fixed”… that is only our human, societal conditioning that has made us think that there’s something to fix inside of us if we feel strongly in a way that makes people feel uncomfortable – sad or in pain or Growing.   Ask those growing pains inside of you, what they need … you already Know the answer.

This is why I love Astrology so – this ancient craft helps us to see the beauty in all our light and all our darkness, especially in this time of Fixed Water that runs so deep… it’s the perfect time to Remember who you Are.

Happy New Moon, my friends .. may the Yin of Darkness surround you with light within ~ a warm glow of Love.


xo Amy

27 degrees of Air

Photo by Snapwire on Pexels.com

The question that is looming in my head at the moment :

Do we Fear Wholeness?

Is there such a need, rising from an ancient wound, to always be in pain of separation?  Who ever told us that we were separated from creation? From ourselves? From each other? 

I’ve been brought Back to rediscover this pathway that I was finding in the messages I was getting during the eclipses of last summer. messages about healing the Sacral Wound.  It’s coming back. It’s energy is emerging with the swell of Scorpionic Water. We may feel this sense of nostalgia.  Memories from before coming in, flowing in for healing, for remembering… So much remembering! from long ago.


Our blood is changing


And in this flux we feel

The churn of change

The wheels turn

The pull of atoms toward their center

Like the winding of an old wristwatch

We reset

In time

To remember

When did our memories forget

The wholeness

The wonder of connection

To other

Why such fear

To see ourselves in 


Have you never sat in stillness

In nature

And listened to the trees


The birds watch.

The animals 

They creep near

To the heartbeat

Within you

They hear your fear

So they scatter

Like the wind in the trees

Scatter the leaves

There is a message here

Still yourself

Feel your rhythm 


Your breath

Comes as waves

No need to think

Just allow

Be Whole

Be the One Your soul remembers


We are lightworkers.  Working in the dark.  We keep our lights lit, through this time of uncertainty.  This is not easy, this is a challenge, but one in which we are set up to succeed.   

What we are creating within this time of darkness has yet to culminate because we are still In it!  We may not see the full manifestation of our work now for some time — but we must keep working, keep trusting that the arrows we let loose Now, will find their target at the right moment … the moment of full bloom.

So Shall it Be.✨

Sun square Pluto

Photo by Mo on Pexels.com

I have seen the darkness, walked in it, soaked my spirit in the shadows… Here in the silence, it feels safe.  Pluto reveals what is Palpable, even if it is frightening when seen in the light. Born in the late morning, the Sun in my 10th house squares Pluto in my first… yes, this aspect affects me  d e e p l y… I would say I feel more Pluto than anything – at least here, within the darkness, I understand life clearer – for me, it’s the True Essence of Life.  Sun in my 10th — sure there is a desire to be seen, to be understood – but always through this deep lens, where little to no one will actually go …  though, Pluto draws the dark in others out, to meet me – I can see their shadows and I am not afraid to honor these, sometimes, most poignant of all life’s experiences.  

I believe, if we allow more Pluto into the air we breathe, we may possibly heal as a society.  Pluto helps to purge poison to expose the truth. False honesty may be the Libra Sun not in Exaltation. And this is not always the best policy when dealing with the culture of “just getting along” – only seeking the surface of polite conversation, following the rules to keep the peace … Well Pluto does not abide by the same laws we humans are governed by… and truth revealed in this current Plutonian Light may be Just the remedy we need.

Why are we so afraid of the Dark? Are we afraid to reveal who we truly are beneath the social surface other people Accept? What’s the worst that will happen if we show our true selves?

You may just lose the heavy burden you’ve been carrying around your entire life.

You will feel lighter – a light in the dark sparked during the hours of our Libra Sun squaring Pluto. The truth of You, and of the false power that has been wielding control over us all – to reveal the true power we all have, called Sovereignty. Be aware of this Energy coming In, over these next few days – culminating on the 17th. Let this illumination have free reign – do not be afraid, because the truth is Liberating! All energies work together for our highest good.

Have faith in this.

xo Amy

an Eclipse of the Moon

Photo by Fernando Makoto on Pexels.com

Transmission from the Gemini Sun. Sagittarius Moon. 

It has been a long road, 

this journey…to an unknown destination…led by our instincts

You have been asked to be unrelenting in your strength, as a Warrior, alone and wounded, yet still you stand and face the distant future.

The world spins

The future is Here

The forces of change are upon us and we have before us a divergence of paths.

There are unhealed childhood memories stirring – you can heal these now.

A question .  a choice .  a decision .

To follow your Head

Or your Heart

The essence of this choice is in the stillness you feel inside – the quiet of your soul – where you are connected to Spirit – Here, you understand that Sovereignty is indwelling and intrinsic to your primal nature.

One illusion we are shown at the present moment is an ongoing story : that we are not sovereign beings… that we must follow, and do what we are told… or else?   

Outcasted.  Persecuted.  Divided.   

This is a window of Illusion, illuminated   now

Would you willingly drift through?   So many of us have and it will be okay.  There is eternity to consider. 

Seek the light if this is the way you have chosen.  We will meet you there in the field of uncompromising Love. 

We wild ones will lick your wounds.


Another path  another window of the World is Open  

There is Courage here on the threshold

The Guardian of our Fear … this is guidance

Detach, we are advised

Hold strong

Wake up from your slumber . Your dreams are real.

It will not be easy according to human standards

But our humanity is changing

Our cells

Our blood

The stardust in our bones

Within a microcosm is the whole cosmos . Here we are connected in our shared elements.

So … be Brave. Practice Forgiveness, Tolerance, Acceptance.

No matter the path you choose now

We are building bridges

For those who are the Architects and Builders : 

Your Time is Now

Gather your strength, the work has just begun.



New Moon, New Cycle

It has been two moons since I have written here, in this space… I have been in a state of integrating these new energies and – no kidding – it hasn’t been easy. How have you been since we last dwelled together, here? It was the first square of Saturn and Uranus, in February… what challenge was brought into your life with the aspect of these two very different planetary energies impelling us to change?

It’s good to go back and remember, since we are coming close to the second square, soon, in June.

Lets speak of a new cycle of Birth. Taurean Energy. At this point (empathy for you Taurus people!) we cannot take the Uranian energy out of the picture. Taurus likes comfort and the ability to Grow – Taurus is fertile, and abundant … the energy of the Bull, so … it can be quite stubborn and steadfast. Taurus “fixes” our physical energies into the Earth, in the Northern Hemisphere, this is Springtime. The birds and the bees and the flowers and the budding trees… all sing their new life into existence.

Fixed Earth is stable energy … but we have Uranus here – since May of 2018 … and we will feel this Electric Change within Earth for another few years – til about July of 2025 when we get a little taste of Uranus in Gemini. This planet is the energy of the Rebel and Disruptor, the Individual, the Great Awakener and the Limit Breaker… it’s orbit around the Sun is 84.75 years … similar in nature to the lifespan of a Human. Uranus creates the impetus to change and break free from restriction – when this planet’s transit has gone halfway around your own natal chart, to reside at it’s Natal Opposition … you, my friends, may find yourself in your proverbial “mid life crisis” – at around age 42 – this may be a strong feeling at this time in your life, to break away of any constraints that are no longer serving what you truly desire in life.

It’s This powerful of a Planetary Energy; if we pay attention to how this shows up in our lives… well, we have a very unique manifestation tool in our midst. This New Moon, today, at 21 degrees of Taurus, is co present with Uranus – provoking, prodding, electrifying and magnetizing Something within us that desires change.

This is the underlying energy all year, in 2021, though … so it’s just an important reminder for us to be aware of – where in your life, are you feeling called to make a change?

As a New Lunar Cycle begins today, we also must see it ushering in Eclipse season! *** trumpets sounding the call of Eclipses! **** Eclipses bring in, that’s right, MORE CHANGE – so are you getting the message, yet? 🙂

What are the aspects around this Taurus New Moon?

Taurus is ruled by Venus… so we look to Venus to understand the story unfolding, the intention that may be seeding itself in the fertile soil right now. Venus is in Gemini, along with Gemini’s ruler Mercury – all things Beautiful, Communicative, Informative, and Connective in Nature are what is coming IN right now. Venus has undergone quite a transformation since the last New Moon in Aries, where she passes behind the Sun in what we call a Superior Conjunction – she has been transiting on the other side of the Sun. It takes a longer time for her to re-emerge, out of the sunlight, into our vision, where we can see her rise as the Evening Star. Beautiful. This will happen shortly – around the 19th of May – depending on where on Earth you live, you will see Venus reborn, shining bright in the nighttime sky. As the nighttime star, Venus is much more introverted than she was as a daytime star. Images of the Dark Lady, the High Priestess, the Spiritual Divine Feminine, helping us to integrate the lessons of love and relationships, connection, value, grace, sensuality, artistic expression… our self worth… these are the tools through which Venus speaks. Remember these key words this month, as this is a repeated message for us in this lunar cycle. The culminating Full Moon, on May 26th, is going to be a powerful Total Lunar Eclipse. If we can get into the Dark, Lush, Fertility of our growing roots – what is pushing out through the soil, what is connected through sacred intention … and remember that Uranus image of messages distributing through our root system … like those of Trees…. it will be a very exciting and truly life changing time. If I could give us all some unsolicited advice – and believe me, my Sagittarius Moon is feelin the Eclipses since last summer, like a herd of horses held at the gate, reigned in, until the moment of release — Have Patience. Breathe. Meditate. Center Yourself. I know this is an exciting time when it feels we all want to run free! … do you know, yet though, where it is you are running too? Wait for it. The Vision WILL COME. the Gate will open. Your path will be clear. Timing is Key, here, so don’t rush, or be too hasty, friends. This is the time to Dance under the stars and Dream your World Awake.

Till next time

xoxo Amy

Saturn Square Uranus

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

This post is coming to you straight from outer space, thanks to a Mercury/Jupiter conjunction where you can choose to either zoom way in, or step way back and take in the Big Picture. I choose Both Views for feeling the square that is coming into perfection, now. It’s 11:31 am, mountain time in Arizona, and this square is exact at 12:08 pm. First, I’d like to step back, to see what a square in the sky is really all about — a 90 degree geometric angle forming between Saturn and Uranus, from the Earth’s perspective. What is a square? and how does this shape affect us, down here on Earth?

The square’s energy is one of tension… consider two people walking down a city block, one coming from the East and one person coming from the South. As it happens in the circumstance of our waking life, there are times when we run into an energy that is In Contrast to ourselves. This is like these two people running into each other at the intersection – and what “action” must take place between them. So let’s look at these two planets, as our characters walking toward each other and let’s analyze what kind of conflict and action may ensue upon their meeting.

Saturn is the Ancient Boundary in the sky between what was seen and known; and what was unseen and unknown. This is archetypal energy of Limitation, Structures, Form, and Substance in the physical construct of our human understanding. Saturn may cause restriction and isolation, due to this limit. So we have built a solid framework of understanding in our physical world. Now… Uranus is an outlier – a disruption to what was formerly known, and subsequently, dismantles the status quo. the Maverick. The electrified disruptor. It rotates on it’s side! … So… How do this two characters, coming into contact by a challenging square, act upon the collective field? To further understand this, we look at the Signs through which their energies are moving.

Saturn in Aquarius. the ancient ruler. What came into form in Capricorn, now comes out into our human field of consciousness in Aquarius, fixed Air. We think in this higher form. We plan, strategize, organize society into groups, communities, we form Boards and place those in charge who want to Lead. In a healthy society, based on equal rights and voices and opinions and beliefs, we are then advised to Challenge those in this position of Authority. Value is placed on what best serves all – the collective and the individual. We Question the previously built structures and those who served to constrict through convention and strict ideology … Those beliefs which only seek to limit freedom of the whole, for the benefit of the few and the privileged… this is the Growth Edge of Saturn’s boundaries … the beyond… our future generations.

Contrast this Saturnian Archetypal energy with that of Uranus in Taurus. Taurus, by its very nature, is fixed Earth energy – difficult to change, stubborn, desiring comfort, security, routine; as well as the impetus for Growth and Abundance since there is Earth beneath what has been planted here – these seeds have a chance to take root in fertile soil. When I think about Uranus in Taurus, and what kinds of excitable energies we are getting through this stable sort of fecundity – this primal, sensual state – I think of the root systems of Trees. Trees can communicate through an intricate web of fungus below the surface of the earth. They share nutrients through this network and also warn of dangers. You see, the Uranus Energy does not automatically align with fixed Earth – Uranus is movement, and Taurus is static, so … how does this manifest? Many people who study the stars, have described Uranus like a bomb going off in the ground – ok. I can see this … But in the frame of mind of Seeing the Big Picture – haha, where I began this whole thread of thought! — I would ask for you to consider this unique perspective of Uranus being the underground messages we are getting from the outer realm, within the very marrow of our bones! Let this thought blow your mind a little. Dreams? have you been having some bizarre ones? I have. In light of the concept of these two contrasting energies – Saturn and Uranus – the words forming within my own meditative mind are : Instincts and Change…. Instinctual Change — like the trees are calling for the leaves to begin producing a chemical that will ward off chewing insects — we humans are getting messages from tuning in, from feelings and intuitions, from a sense of KNOWING that may not be easily explained … but can absolutely be trusted.

We are being challenged to move away from routines and habits and patterns of beliefs that are limiting our ability to Change. This square is working with us to affect these changes – small, perhaps sometimes indecipherable, changes that begin to emerge as a whole new, healthy, structure that grows out of this web of Fertile Earth. Let us take in these messages, let us allow these changes to come to the surface of our minds so that we can begin to, as Gandhi said, “Be the Change we want to see in the World.”

the square is Here. Now … what are you gonna do about it? 😀 sending Love and Warmth.

xoxo Amy

Balsamic Moon in Aquarius

3 of Swords from the Legacy of the Divine Tarot by Ciro Marchetti

For Healing to occur, sometimes, we must face the pain.

Sometimes, sitting with the dark is more soothing to our soul, than being in the light.

Light energy is active and action oriented, focused and intentional.

Shadows are receptive and allow us to sink into a vital bath of nourishing waters.

It’s ok to sit with the dark.  You are safe there.

The changes that are happening now are in such an external experience of what we have thus encountered that our minds can quickly become overwhelmed…and trying to make sense with knowledge at hand isn’t always… Truth.

The darkness is interdimensional.  We can access information here….if that is what our soul is calling for. 

This is a New Moon in an Aquarius Stellium. 

The Moon has just passed over Saturn, as I write this, and will soon be passing over Venus, Jupiter, Mercury over the next 24 hours.

Translating the Light…while in the Darkest part of the Lunar Cycle … this is the Balsamic Phase.  Where perceptions are heightened and we gain the most insight from sitting in the darkness…courageously and comfortably.  The New Moon energy tomorrow, will expand our thinking toward the outer reaches of our minds.

For now, though, I will sit here, as a guardian of the Light, at this moment of darkness.  How do the Omens speak, as I hear them?

Saturn is impelling us to Stay Worthy of our Karma. The actions we take in the world have direct reactions in turn.  A Critical Mass is being reached, and will soon break out into our physical world. The active square between Saturn and Uranus is building this critical mass, and we may have something of a breakthrough next week; but don’t be too hurried to see that happen before you allow yourself to go into the work Saturn is expecting. We are maturing, leveling up, upgrading our systems now. 

Venus.  She is soon to meet Jupiter for another cycle of their own.  Venus and Jupiter the harbingers of gifts, sight, optimism, truth, value, showing that we are, in fact, Worthy.  Please accept the gifts of these two benefics on this New Moon that are emerging in our morning sky ~ they will light our way on the path of HOPE.

And Mercury… our messenger Hermes who has just passed through the heart of the Sun… to join the Benefic team as he passes by in Retrograde… we have not gotten the clear picture YET.  More processing, review, revising, reOrienting ourselves in this New Moon…it will take Time to see what vision is being seeded now… so hold here… Listen…let yourself imagine possibilities… feel the movements of the stars as they activate our Imaginal Cells…

More again, soon… sending Love.

xoxo Amy

the Leo Full Moon

Photo by Bess Hamiti on Pexels.com

During this Full Moon, the Sun is Conjoining Jupiter in Aquarius.  On a purely mundane level, this aspect would bring in a much needed optimistic outlook into our lives – focusing our sights on unique group activities within the big picture.  An immersion into the Aquarius Experience.   However, the Sun/Jupiter conjunction is also in a square with Mars in Taurus.  This is a stubborn type of energy that brings with it, some contention.  Mars in Taurus, just separating from the Intense, Electrified union with Uranus throughout these past ten days.  We have here, during this full moon, a T-square forming, with the Sun in Aquarius opposing the Moon in Leo and both in a square with Mars.  

Sun square Mars is possible Ego conflicts – challenging your statements of Truth – your notions, your ideals, your opinions that you have shared out in the world.  These statements you’ve made could come back in to ask you to back these up with proof.  Remember… Mars in Taurus is fighting for Peace, Stability, some New Earth pattern forming through the disruptive and Destabilizing energies of Uranus.  Together, Mars/Uranus have created this electrifying sensation sizzling in the background… So they will act as a direct challenge to all that is trying to come into form now… in Aquarius (don’t take things personally!).  This is a jam packed space in our sky with Mercury and the Sun, Jupiter, and Saturn all there … bringing the ideas into form…

Across from all this energetic build up, is the Moon.  Our emotive body; our fluctuating, earthly environment reflecting the full Solar light into the dark, Aquarian Night.  This is deep… Fixed…Air mirrored in the Pure essence of our Expressive Selves in the Leo Moon.  What is it, within you, that desires to be expressed, to be seen?  How does this creative expression fit into the bigger picture forming in the world around you?  What individual gifts and talents do you have to contribute now?  How can we sustain these new forms of expression, love of humanity, support for the individual and our future generations… when the very ground beneath us seems to be shaking?

All these questions in my mind remind me that Mercury is slowing down to station retrograde on the 30th of January.   This retrograde will take us back over the events of the last few weeks… and ask us to review what we have learned, to question what we have been shown (especially in the media), and on a personal level, return to our individual experiences of this Time.  

Everything around us is shifting and pushing against this fixed energy, like Tectonic plates beneath the Earth’s surface.  Coming in February are more squares between planets – the first of three between Saturn and Uranus, and the tango between Mercury and Mars…  with this square of Mercury/Mars during the Mercury retrograde, our minds have a chance to process what all has happened in the Mayhem of this month.  The act of “processing” looks different for everyone – some of us process at lightning speed, while others take more time; some feel their thoughts deeply, some Know intuitively; some people need to talk things out, and others go inward to process alone. Some of us are loud, some are soft, some cry, some scream, some dream and some just sit quietly and watch the wind move through the trees.  We are all Unique in our Mercurial ways and everyone’s way is very important to us learning what we must learn right now.  Pay attention!  Not only to what’s going on around you, but within yourself, and to those close to you – we can learn so much from each other, now – where are we headed, as a collective humanity?  

This is such an important time for healing all the rough and ragged wounds of this past year, and beyond.  

All this, in one lunation meditation!  Take some time, around this full moon on the 28th, … in whatever way soothes your soul … and listen to the unique beat of your own heart. 

xo Amy