an Eclipse of the Moon

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Transmission from the Gemini Sun. Sagittarius Moon. 

It has been a long road, 

this journey…to an unknown destination…led by our instincts

You have been asked to be unrelenting in your strength, as a Warrior, alone and wounded, yet still you stand and face the distant future.

The world spins

The future is Here

The forces of change are upon us and we have before us a divergence of paths.

There are unhealed childhood memories stirring – you can heal these now.

A question .  a choice .  a decision .

To follow your Head

Or your Heart

The essence of this choice is in the stillness you feel inside – the quiet of your soul – where you are connected to Spirit – Here, you understand that Sovereignty is indwelling and intrinsic to your primal nature.

One illusion we are shown at the present moment is an ongoing story : that we are not sovereign beings… that we must follow, and do what we are told… or else?   

Outcasted.  Persecuted.  Divided.   

This is a window of Illusion, illuminated   now

Would you willingly drift through?   So many of us have and it will be okay.  There is eternity to consider. 

Seek the light if this is the way you have chosen.  We will meet you there in the field of uncompromising Love. 

We wild ones will lick your wounds.


Another path  another window of the World is Open  

There is Courage here on the threshold

The Guardian of our Fear … this is guidance

Detach, we are advised

Hold strong

Wake up from your slumber . Your dreams are real.

It will not be easy according to human standards

But our humanity is changing

Our cells

Our blood

The stardust in our bones

Within a microcosm is the whole cosmos . Here we are connected in our shared elements.

So … be Brave. Practice Forgiveness, Tolerance, Acceptance.

No matter the path you choose now

We are building bridges

For those who are the Architects and Builders : 

Your Time is Now

Gather your strength, the work has just begun.



New Moon, New Cycle

It has been two moons since I have written here, in this space… I have been in a state of integrating these new energies and – no kidding – it hasn’t been easy. How have you been since we last dwelled together, here? It was the first square of Saturn and Uranus, in February… what challenge was brought into your life with the aspect of these two very different planetary energies impelling us to change?

It’s good to go back and remember, since we are coming close to the second square, soon, in June.

Lets speak of a new cycle of Birth. Taurean Energy. At this point (empathy for you Taurus people!) we cannot take the Uranian energy out of the picture. Taurus likes comfort and the ability to Grow – Taurus is fertile, and abundant … the energy of the Bull, so … it can be quite stubborn and steadfast. Taurus “fixes” our physical energies into the Earth, in the Northern Hemisphere, this is Springtime. The birds and the bees and the flowers and the budding trees… all sing their new life into existence.

Fixed Earth is stable energy … but we have Uranus here – since May of 2018 … and we will feel this Electric Change within Earth for another few years – til about July of 2025 when we get a little taste of Uranus in Gemini. This planet is the energy of the Rebel and Disruptor, the Individual, the Great Awakener and the Limit Breaker… it’s orbit around the Sun is 84.75 years … similar in nature to the lifespan of a Human. Uranus creates the impetus to change and break free from restriction – when this planet’s transit has gone halfway around your own natal chart, to reside at it’s Natal Opposition … you, my friends, may find yourself in your proverbial “mid life crisis” – at around age 42 – this may be a strong feeling at this time in your life, to break away of any constraints that are no longer serving what you truly desire in life.

It’s This powerful of a Planetary Energy; if we pay attention to how this shows up in our lives… well, we have a very unique manifestation tool in our midst. This New Moon, today, at 21 degrees of Taurus, is co present with Uranus – provoking, prodding, electrifying and magnetizing Something within us that desires change.

This is the underlying energy all year, in 2021, though … so it’s just an important reminder for us to be aware of – where in your life, are you feeling called to make a change?

As a New Lunar Cycle begins today, we also must see it ushering in Eclipse season! *** trumpets sounding the call of Eclipses! **** Eclipses bring in, that’s right, MORE CHANGE – so are you getting the message, yet? 🙂

What are the aspects around this Taurus New Moon?

Taurus is ruled by Venus… so we look to Venus to understand the story unfolding, the intention that may be seeding itself in the fertile soil right now. Venus is in Gemini, along with Gemini’s ruler Mercury – all things Beautiful, Communicative, Informative, and Connective in Nature are what is coming IN right now. Venus has undergone quite a transformation since the last New Moon in Aries, where she passes behind the Sun in what we call a Superior Conjunction – she has been transiting on the other side of the Sun. It takes a longer time for her to re-emerge, out of the sunlight, into our vision, where we can see her rise as the Evening Star. Beautiful. This will happen shortly – around the 19th of May – depending on where on Earth you live, you will see Venus reborn, shining bright in the nighttime sky. As the nighttime star, Venus is much more introverted than she was as a daytime star. Images of the Dark Lady, the High Priestess, the Spiritual Divine Feminine, helping us to integrate the lessons of love and relationships, connection, value, grace, sensuality, artistic expression… our self worth… these are the tools through which Venus speaks. Remember these key words this month, as this is a repeated message for us in this lunar cycle. The culminating Full Moon, on May 26th, is going to be a powerful Total Lunar Eclipse. If we can get into the Dark, Lush, Fertility of our growing roots – what is pushing out through the soil, what is connected through sacred intention … and remember that Uranus image of messages distributing through our root system … like those of Trees…. it will be a very exciting and truly life changing time. If I could give us all some unsolicited advice – and believe me, my Sagittarius Moon is feelin the Eclipses since last summer, like a herd of horses held at the gate, reigned in, until the moment of release — Have Patience. Breathe. Meditate. Center Yourself. I know this is an exciting time when it feels we all want to run free! … do you know, yet though, where it is you are running too? Wait for it. The Vision WILL COME. the Gate will open. Your path will be clear. Timing is Key, here, so don’t rush, or be too hasty, friends. This is the time to Dance under the stars and Dream your World Awake.

Till next time

xoxo Amy