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When you set out to harness the natural energies within you; when you begin to tune into your innate guidance system and trust that you are perfectly capable of bringing out your most beautiful gifts in life … It is then that the path before you takes form in a magically powerful way. It’s as if you have found your own instruction manual! When we work together in a reading, I teach you how to see this in yourself. My highest aim in a session, is to empower my clients to become attuned to their own inner compass. I invite you to tell me your stories – those of victory as well as the ones that were more difficult to bear – I listen with ears open to the nuances in your birth chart, so that your story begins to speak with authenticity. We get straight to the heart of your spiritual path.

I use zoom to connect with people from around the world. I work with your schedule in your time zone. If you wish for me to record the session, you get that recording sent to your inbox as part of your reading. This process is very personal, private, and so easy to use! I invite you to peruse through my offerings and then click on the “book appointment” button. This will send you to my contact page, where you can let me know what kind of reading you are interested in.

Let’s get started, I’m excited to meet you!

Natal Chart Reading $125

In this one hour session, we walk through your birth chart with Sun, Moon, Rising symbolism. I will speak to you of your personal planets: Mercury, Venus, and Mars and explain how they offer you insight into your thought process, love and connections, and personal power. Then, looking at Saturn and Jupiter to see how you are called to work with your karma in this lifetime – what gifts you have to work with and also how to see obstacles as learning experiences. This is a basic introductory Astrology session, meant to help you get your bearings in your personal chart.

Natal Chart + Transits $225

This is a more in-depth reading where we will explore the patterns of the outer planets and how they show you where you’ve been and also how they help you to harness the knowledge to navigate into your future. This is a powerful Manifestation tool. 2 Hour Session

Quick Update $100

For my returning clients who want to connect with their current transits and take a look at different timing techniques that we can move through in one hour. Very useful for upcoming events or to better understand your planetary weather of the moment. An astrological “adjustment” for you to work with the stars, right Now in the present moment.

This session may be bundled to include a Natal Chart Reading + 3 Updates for $400 (must be used within 12 months of purchase)

Tarot $75

Tarot is a sacred language that speaks to us through the knowledge of archetypal symbolism, interpreted by the practitioner. I use this ancient art of connection with Spiritual Guidance to gain further insight into your higher self. You already know the answers within you … sometimes we just need a little bit of light shed on the question in such a way as to see a deeper perspective. This session is an hour long and may also be added to an Astrology reading to seek a further layer of understanding into your Natal Chart.

Prices for Tarot + Astro Reading will vary according to your needs. We will discuss at Booking.

“I have only had a couple of readings in my life which I walked away feeling about the same as when I went in – no new insight. I booked 2 sessions with Amy and I am very impressed. First, Amy is warm and supportive and wraps around you with positivity and light. She takes her time to explain the many layers of this world, which I did not understand. When you are done you feel lighter, confident and full of life. Additionally, you feel like you have been educated in the meanings behind readings and in things in your own life. You can clearly see who you are, where you have been and the markers of where you are going. It brought a clarity to things I didn’t understand in my past, good and bad. I had many questions, and Amy was knowledgeable and extremely patient. I am so happy I decided to have Amy guide me through something so far out of my comfort zone.” 

-Shannon P.