an Eclipse of the Moon

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Transmission from the Gemini Sun. Sagittarius Moon. 

It has been a long road, 

this journey…to an unknown destination…led by our instincts

You have been asked to be unrelenting in your strength, as a Warrior, alone and wounded, yet still you stand and face the distant future.

The world spins

The future is Here

The forces of change are upon us and we have before us a divergence of paths.

There are unhealed childhood memories stirring – you can heal these now.

A question .  a choice .  a decision .

To follow your Head

Or your Heart

The essence of this choice is in the stillness you feel inside – the quiet of your soul – where you are connected to Spirit – Here, you understand that Sovereignty is indwelling and intrinsic to your primal nature.

One illusion we are shown at the present moment is an ongoing story : that we are not sovereign beings… that we must follow, and do what we are told… or else?   

Outcasted.  Persecuted.  Divided.   

This is a window of Illusion, illuminated   now

Would you willingly drift through?   So many of us have and it will be okay.  There is eternity to consider. 

Seek the light if this is the way you have chosen.  We will meet you there in the field of uncompromising Love. 

We wild ones will lick your wounds.


Another path  another window of the World is Open  

There is Courage here on the threshold

The Guardian of our Fear … this is guidance

Detach, we are advised

Hold strong

Wake up from your slumber . Your dreams are real.

It will not be easy according to human standards

But our humanity is changing

Our cells

Our blood

The stardust in our bones

Within a microcosm is the whole cosmos . Here we are connected in our shared elements.

So … be Brave. Practice Forgiveness, Tolerance, Acceptance.

No matter the path you choose now

We are building bridges

For those who are the Architects and Builders : 

Your Time is Now

Gather your strength, the work has just begun.