Sun square Pluto

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I have seen the darkness, walked in it, soaked my spirit in the shadows… Here in the silence, it feels safe.  Pluto reveals what is Palpable, even if it is frightening when seen in the light. Born in the late morning, the Sun in my 10th house squares Pluto in my first… yes, this aspect affects me  d e e p l y… I would say I feel more Pluto than anything – at least here, within the darkness, I understand life clearer – for me, it’s the True Essence of Life.  Sun in my 10th — sure there is a desire to be seen, to be understood – but always through this deep lens, where little to no one will actually go …  though, Pluto draws the dark in others out, to meet me – I can see their shadows and I am not afraid to honor these, sometimes, most poignant of all life’s experiences.  

I believe, if we allow more Pluto into the air we breathe, we may possibly heal as a society.  Pluto helps to purge poison to expose the truth. False honesty may be the Libra Sun not in Exaltation. And this is not always the best policy when dealing with the culture of “just getting along” – only seeking the surface of polite conversation, following the rules to keep the peace … Well Pluto does not abide by the same laws we humans are governed by… and truth revealed in this current Plutonian Light may be Just the remedy we need.

Why are we so afraid of the Dark? Are we afraid to reveal who we truly are beneath the social surface other people Accept? What’s the worst that will happen if we show our true selves?

You may just lose the heavy burden you’ve been carrying around your entire life.

You will feel lighter – a light in the dark sparked during the hours of our Libra Sun squaring Pluto. The truth of You, and of the false power that has been wielding control over us all – to reveal the true power we all have, called Sovereignty. Be aware of this Energy coming In, over these next few days – culminating on the 17th. Let this illumination have free reign – do not be afraid, because the truth is Liberating! All energies work together for our highest good.

Have faith in this.

xo Amy

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