Mars moves into Taurus

Cards from, Mystical Shaman Oracle, by Alberto Villoldo, Colette Baron-Reid, Marcela Lobos

Whenever a planet moves from one sign into the next, there is a great shift of Energy. We feel this especially strong when that planet is one of the personal planets: Mercury, Venus, or Mars. This shift of Mars from Aries to Taurus will be very deeply felt since we have experienced Mars in Aries since June 29, 2020; and this planet of fire and passion and willpower has undergone a massive retrograde, as well. Significant, personal transformation has taken place for these long 6 months, bringing into our collective sphere Courage under Fire, Honesty, Direct Confrontations, Fierce Loyalty, Steady Passion and Intensity; along with shadowy figures of Mars in the form of Frustrated Anger, Flaring Tempers, Righteous Indignation, Resentment, and even Fear born from an egoic Death and Regeneration… and that’s where my story begins, today. The knowledge we have of the Conservation of Energy, and how this knowledge can save us from our darkest fears… and deliver us the most poignant surrender to trusting in the absolute goodness of Universal Truth.

Yes, the shift of Mars will bring us to a whole other realm of chaos this month. Yes, we are being impelled by this energy to shift our focus from personal power to integration of these power lessons – and that may not be so easy to digest. But it’s Possible. We have the tools we need to do this process; and DO This, we must. For now, in the fixed energy of Earthy Taurus, Mars is quickly moving toward Uranus, the great Disruptor. Here is the shift from One form (fire) into another (Earth). Where do you have Aries and Taurus energies in your birth chart? There you will find your personal call to arms, if you will… where Mars in Aries Initiated, perhaps, a great quickening and transmutation within you to imagine something fantastical… Mars in Taurus will give you the earth beneath your feet to get moving. If you can tap into this shift and keep your focus on your inner self, keep your breathe and your blood and your body moving, keep feeding your spirit high vibe energetic food… then you will Flow with this new Form.

Flow suggests the ability to allow… to find the path of least resistance. Least Resistance. Let those words sink in for a minute. There is such chaos of resistance now… a building tension that will challenge this very idea of allowing and surrender to a higher form. But when we feel this energy flow within us, it’s like being a part of the heartbeat of the Earth – and we will feel this rhythm pounding within our own hearts.

The Crow is the mystical messenger. The keeper of the Universal Truth. We are called to stand in this Truth – and thus, stand in the power of Integrity, Authority, Mastery, and Maturity. Speak Your Truth, my friends! and be True to the path that has been forming within you since June – you know what this is for you and it may not look like another’s path; but that doesn’t make it any less vital. The world needs you to be the most authentic version of You right now. You can do this.

Harness these energetic shifts and ready yourself for a wild ride! sending Love. sending Light. xoxo Amy

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