the Leo Full Moon

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During this Full Moon, the Sun is Conjoining Jupiter in Aquarius.  On a purely mundane level, this aspect would bring in a much needed optimistic outlook into our lives – focusing our sights on unique group activities within the big picture.  An immersion into the Aquarius Experience.   However, the Sun/Jupiter conjunction is also in a square with Mars in Taurus.  This is a stubborn type of energy that brings with it, some contention.  Mars in Taurus, just separating from the Intense, Electrified union with Uranus throughout these past ten days.  We have here, during this full moon, a T-square forming, with the Sun in Aquarius opposing the Moon in Leo and both in a square with Mars.  

Sun square Mars is possible Ego conflicts – challenging your statements of Truth – your notions, your ideals, your opinions that you have shared out in the world.  These statements you’ve made could come back in to ask you to back these up with proof.  Remember… Mars in Taurus is fighting for Peace, Stability, some New Earth pattern forming through the disruptive and Destabilizing energies of Uranus.  Together, Mars/Uranus have created this electrifying sensation sizzling in the background… So they will act as a direct challenge to all that is trying to come into form now… in Aquarius (don’t take things personally!).  This is a jam packed space in our sky with Mercury and the Sun, Jupiter, and Saturn all there … bringing the ideas into form…

Across from all this energetic build up, is the Moon.  Our emotive body; our fluctuating, earthly environment reflecting the full Solar light into the dark, Aquarian Night.  This is deep… Fixed…Air mirrored in the Pure essence of our Expressive Selves in the Leo Moon.  What is it, within you, that desires to be expressed, to be seen?  How does this creative expression fit into the bigger picture forming in the world around you?  What individual gifts and talents do you have to contribute now?  How can we sustain these new forms of expression, love of humanity, support for the individual and our future generations… when the very ground beneath us seems to be shaking?

All these questions in my mind remind me that Mercury is slowing down to station retrograde on the 30th of January.   This retrograde will take us back over the events of the last few weeks… and ask us to review what we have learned, to question what we have been shown (especially in the media), and on a personal level, return to our individual experiences of this Time.  

Everything around us is shifting and pushing against this fixed energy, like Tectonic plates beneath the Earth’s surface.  Coming in February are more squares between planets – the first of three between Saturn and Uranus, and the tango between Mercury and Mars…  with this square of Mercury/Mars during the Mercury retrograde, our minds have a chance to process what all has happened in the Mayhem of this month.  The act of “processing” looks different for everyone – some of us process at lightning speed, while others take more time; some feel their thoughts deeply, some Know intuitively; some people need to talk things out, and others go inward to process alone. Some of us are loud, some are soft, some cry, some scream, some dream and some just sit quietly and watch the wind move through the trees.  We are all Unique in our Mercurial ways and everyone’s way is very important to us learning what we must learn right now.  Pay attention!  Not only to what’s going on around you, but within yourself, and to those close to you – we can learn so much from each other, now – where are we headed, as a collective humanity?  

This is such an important time for healing all the rough and ragged wounds of this past year, and beyond.  

All this, in one lunation meditation!  Take some time, around this full moon on the 28th, … in whatever way soothes your soul … and listen to the unique beat of your own heart. 

xo Amy

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